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Geely Auto to launch Shanghai Englon TX4 in June

509  220x160 shanghai englon Geely Auto to launch Shanghai Englon TX4 in June

Geely Auto announced recently that they will launch Shanghai Englon TX4 in June. TX4 will be the first new model of Shanghai Englon.

TX4 is an updated version of the famed London Taxi which made by Shanghai Maple Auto, with pure British pedigree, Shanghai Englon conveys its brand characteristics of “classic, British style, nobility.”


[source: gasgoo]

Geely to buy Saab and Volvo?

133  572xfloat= geely b class Geely to buy Saab and Volvo?

Unnamed sources from Wall Street reported that Geely is bidding to buy Saab, a GM sub-company.

The report also reviled that Geely bidded  to acquire Ford’s Volvo a couple weeks ago.

However, Geely said that their don’t  plan to acquire Saab or Volvo. Very confused!

Geely’s high-end SUV will be produced in 2010

As one of China’s own-brand automakers, Geely Automobile has produced a large number of economy cars as its main products for many years. However, after Geely implemented the multi-brand development strategy, its “Imperial”(Di Hao) brand will be the main high-end products, to assume the important task of enhancing brand value. Imperial brand will also offer many products in the future, including a high-end SUV. It is an auspicious Imperial SUV, code-named EX825. It will be officially put into production next year and will debut at the Shanghai auto show.

Geely acquired Australian parts supplier DSI yesterday

276  572xfloat=center geely aquared dst Geely acquired Australian parts supplier DSI yesterday

By Reuters report, Geely said on Friday it had acquired Australian automatic transmission supplier Drivetrain Systems International (DSI).

Under the agreement, Geely will help fund DSI’s research and development capacity and maintain its leading position in the global automatic transmission market, the Chinese firm said in a statement.

DSI, with an annual capacity of 180,000 automatic transmission systems, supplies parts to Ford Motor and Ssangyong Motor Co.

But the Australian company entered bankruptcy proceedings in February as the global industry downturn weighed on some of its clients, Geely said in the statement.

No financial details of the transaction were provided.

Geely, which is trying to shake off its image as a purveyor of low-priced cars, is one of several ambitious Chinese automakers keen on expanding into developed markets.

278  572xfloat=center geely aquared dst3 Geely acquired Australian parts supplier DSI yesterday

DSI Landscape

279  572xfloat=center geely aquared dst4 Geely acquired Australian parts supplier DSI yesterday

DSI World Class automatic transmission technics

280  572xfloat=center geely aquared dst5 Geely acquired Australian parts supplier DSI yesterday

DSI Pedigree

[source: Reuters]

Geely and Dongfeng denied bidding for GM Saab

220  240x240 saab logo Geely and Dongfeng denied bidding for GM Saab

Geely and Dongfeng said on Wednesday that they have not held any talks over a possible bid for General Motors’ Saab brand, reported by Reuters.

A Dongfeng spokesman added he was unaware of any interest by his company in bidding for the Saab brand. And a senior Geely executive, when asked about his company’s possible acquisition of Saab or other brands, told reporters: “No, we did not. We’re not interested in Saab or the other brands out there.”

Sources with direct knowledge of the process told Reuters on Tuesday that the Saab brand of GM had received interest from several potential bidders, including Geely and Dongfeng.

Media reports have also said Geely was in preliminary talks with Ford Motor about the sale of the U.S. automaker’s Volvo car unit, although a Geely spokesman said yesterday they had no plans to buy Volvo.

So are Geely after Volvo, or is it SAAB today, or perhaps both?

source: Reuters

Geely to bid for Volvo

214  h=x geely logo Geely to bid for Volvo

China’s Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd is likely to submit a bid to acquire Ford’s Volvo brand in a bold attempt to expand internationally.

Geely is expected to submit a bid for the Swedish car maker as soon as next week, two people familiar with the situation said. There are at least three other possible bidders, one of which is also a Chinese company, according to one of the people.

Ford and Geely have been talking about Volvo for several weeks, the two people said. According to one of those individuals, Geely chairman Li Shufu met senior Ford executives in mid-January, around the time of the Detroit auto show, in Dearborn, Michigan Ford is based. Other representatives of the two companies have held separate talks in recent weeks, the person said.

Ford had no immediate comment, but a person close to the company acknowledged the Chinese company had been in talks with Ford for more than a year over a possible Volvo deal.

Wang Ziliang, a spokesman for Geely, declined to comment. In early February, Mr. Li, speaking through an assistant, denied a news report that his company was holding talks with Ford about buying Volvo.

Many analysts believe this could be the start of a wave of consolidation in the auto industry brought on by the economic crisis and the lowering of consumer demand due to tighter credit. In December, Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne predicted that only six major auto makers would survive globally.

Three European auto brands – General Motors’ Saab and Opel, and Ford’s Volvo – have effectively been put on the block in recent weeks as the U.S. auto giants try to cut costs and restructure.

A Geely bid for Volvo would be an unusual and risky move for a Chinese auto maker to take advantage of the global downturn and leap forward with its international ambitions.

Chinese companies have made a string of investments in natural resources, but so far have largely avoided buying major assets in other industries such as finance and manufacturing, despite often fire-sale prices.

Chinese auto companies have acquired foreign assets in the past – with mixed success – but never on Volvo’s scale. Last week, Chen Bin, a senior official with the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s main economic planning agency, publicly warned about the risks that acquiring a struggling foreign auto concern would pose for Chinese car makers.

“We need their technology, brands, talent and sales networks,” he said, referring to foreign car makers. But “it will be a very big challenge for Chinese companies to stabilise the operations of foreign auto makers and to maintain growth.”

If its planned bid is successful, Geely intends to maintain Volvo as an international brand, rather than turn it into a brand more focused on China, said one of the two people familiar with the matter. However, Geely might shift some of Volvo’s production to China to take advantage of China’s less-expensive labour and reap other benefits.

Geely has begun working with a U.S.-based consulting firm to put together a list of possible managers to run Volvo under Geely ownership, one of the two people said.

Last year, Volvo’s U.S. sales fell almost 32 per cent. It also saw declines in its market share in the U.S. and Europe. The Swedish brand posted a $US736 million operating loss in the fourth quarter. As part of its restructuring, Volvo trimmed one-fourth of its work force by the end of last year.

Ford earlier this year began asking companies that may want to bid for Volvo to identify themselves. The people familiar with the process said it has evolved far enough for Ford to accept offers that the company is ready to compare.

source: Wall Street Journal

Geely Panda: World’s smallest car?

198  550x350 geely panda 2 Geely Panda: Worlds smallest car?

On Beijing Auto Show in April 2008, Geely unveiled its mini car, the Panda (not to be confused with the Fiat Panda) , becoming the latest Chinese auto maker hoping to profit from the Chinese government’s policy to encourage Chinese consumers to buy smaller, more fuel efficient car. The 1.3 liter engine Geely Panda gets 48 miles per gallon. Geely is also coming out with an electric version of the Panda powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that travels up to 40 miles per hour.

Spy Photo: Geely SL-1, looks like Mercades Benz C class?

geely b class Spy Photo: Geely SL 1, looks like Mercades Benz C class?Reported that the new car Geely SL-1 is based on the Geely Vision, possibly named “Sea Wave“, inherited Huapu’s “Sea Series” name.

It should be said that from Geely Pride, we could see so much shadows of Mercedes-Benz in Geely, especially the front grille. Huapu could never get rid of such problems, this time, the Geely SL-1 looks very very like the Mercedes-Benz C class version, the front-end shapes, insurance skirts…

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Geely to launch 4 new cars in 2009

1. Geely FE-1/2

fc 2 Geely to launch 4 new cars in 2009

2. Geely GC

gc Geely to launch 4 new cars in 2009

3. Geely SL

sl Geely to launch 4 new cars in 2009

4. Geely TX4

tx4 Geely to launch 4 new cars in 2009

source: auto.163

Geely SUV: Geely NL to produce this year

Geely NL

Geely NL, the new Geely SUV has a corresponding size of Dongfeng Honda CRV but a bit larger than Chery Tiggo, with a wheelbase of 2660mm. NL carries 4G-N Series 2.0,2.4 liter gasoline engine and 4D series 2.0,2.2 liters of diesel engines, all reached the Europe 5 discharge standard. With the manual and the high-performanced automatic transmission, NL has a very good handling performance.

source: auto.163

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