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Spy Shots: FAW Toyota RAV4 out testing in Zhuhai

230  h=x faw toyota rav4 Spy Shots: FAW Toyota RAV4 out testing in Zhuhai

With the launch date of FAW Toyota RAV4 approaching, the information of RV4 is also increasing. Recently, some enthusiasm readers found Toyota RAV4 out testing near a racetrack in Zhuhai, Guangdong provicne. From the spy photo we should notice that it must be the final version to be launched.

The China-made TOYOTA RAV4 will equips the TOYOTA CAMRY 2.0L/2.4L engine, automatic and manual versions both available.

Campared with the imported TOYOTA RAV4, the China-made RAV4 doesn’t equip the CAMRY2.5L engine, but plus a manual transmission.

232  h=x 1faw toyota rav4 Spy Shots: FAW Toyota RAV4 out testing in Zhuhai 231  h=x 2faw toyota rav4 Spy Shots: FAW Toyota RAV4 out testing in Zhuhai


Owned-Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

shanghai auto show new models Owned Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

09′ Shanghai Auto Show will be held from April 22nd to April 28th, new domestically made cars set to show off:

  • Lifan 320 – Lifan’s most (in)famous model
  • Chery S16/QQ5 – As known as “Chinese beetles
  • FAW Toyota RAV4 – Once imported, now domestically made to go up against the Honda CRV, and the Qashqai
  • Dongfeng Citroen C5 (Fengshen)- The C5 is finally to be made in China, and possibly its Peugeot cousin.
  • BYD F5 – BYD’s new compact model
  • Shanghai VW NMS – (New Midsize Sedan) Another new sedan from Volkswagen.
  • BYD M6 - BYD’s first MPV.
  • Guangzhou Toyota Highlander – The large SUV is set to be produced in China, alongside the RAV4.
  • Guangzhou New Honda Odyssey – Will be the US version of the  Odyssey
  • Beijing Hyundai i30 – A new compact from Hyundai
  • MG6 – the hatchback brother of the Roewe 550, the most anticipated car of the show, the first MG to be launched in many years.

Spy shots: New campaign-style Toyota Camry

camry7 Spy shots: New campaign style Toyota Camry
GAW(Guangzhou Autoworks) Toyota Camry is no doubt to list on Feb. 18, recently, we received a number of spy photos from our enthusiastic readers again: The 09′ Toyota Camry.
From the spy photos we can clearly distinguish the 09′ Camry’s shapes, it equips the same grille as Toyota REIZ, headlights are totally new versions, foglights and inlet holes under the bumper have a bit changes. However, the interior photo has not yet been spied, the power system may not be much change, it appears that the new campaign-style Camry has only appearance changes.

TOYOTA FORTUNER: The SUV that never seen in China?

toyota fortuner3 TOYOTA FORTUNER: The SUV that never seen in China?

If you ever been to Japan or Thailand, you must have seen this big guy in the street frequently: TOYOTA FORTUNER. Yes, FORTUNER is very popular  in those two countries. Have you ever seen FORTUNER in China? Of course not. But recently, CCF readers saw it in the Shenzhen auto market.

toyota fortuner2 TOYOTA FORTUNER: The SUV that never seen in China?

The seller told that TOYOTA FORTUNER has a Chinese name “TOYOTA Runner 2700″,  a number of engine options are available depending on the country of sale, including a 2.7 liter 2TR-FE and 4.0 liter 1GR-FE V6 petrol with Variable Valve Timing and 2.5 2KD-FTV and 3.0 1KD-FTV common rail variable geometry turbocharger Diesel models.

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