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FAW Volkswagen to produce Audi Q5 SUV

225  h=x audi q5 FAW Volkswagen to produce Audi Q5 SUV

Sources from FAW Volkswagen Audi Group, Audi Q5 SUV will be produced in China by October, Q5 will be be the third model produced in China following by A4 and A6.

The production starting time was confirmed in October. Audi insiders said that Audi will imports a number of Q5 models for domestic sales before it come to production. Q5 is the second Audi SUV after the Q7, size small than the Q7, positioning in the high-end medium-sized SUV, the biggest competitor is BMW X3.

source: Beijing Times

The real Golf 6th in China?

As rumors are wide spreeding, the 6th generation Golf is becoming more and more mysterious and expected. Now CCF sources sharing the informations to all Chinese car fans.

211  h=x 1 golf 6 The real Golf 6th in China?

Almost no changes in shape/appearance

210  h=x 2 golf 6 The real Golf 6th in China?

For the design of Golf 6th, different people has different views, but most guys believe that the design concept “back to classic ” is very successful. Compare to the rounded shape of Golf 5th, Golf 6th appears to be more vigorous and powerful indeed.

And this time, the Golf 6th has no more changes in shape other than adds the words “FAW Volkswagen” in the buttocks.

209  h=x 3 golf 6 The real Golf 6th in China?

From the early spy photos we can easily find that Golf 6th used the Sagitar 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

Volkswagen to launch Tiguan SUV by ’09

195  h=x tiguan suv Volkswagen to launch Tiguan SUV by 09

Volkswagen is set to launch the Tiguan SUV model as one of its flagship models this year, and Tiguan is expected to go on sale in late 2009.

AS Volkswagen’s first compact crossover SUV in the real sense, the Tiguan model was introduced to Shanghai VW, one of the German auto giant’s Chinese ventures, for local production in China. But its launch was delayed last year due to low sales prediction. The Tiguan SUV is now eagerly anticipated by Chinese buyers and will hit the China market as the first VW SUV here.

The production Tiguan was released at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and made its China debut at the 2008 Beijing auto show. It is the German carmaker’s second compact SUV after Touareg to blend the crossover pleasures in the city and country driving. Its name is a hybrid from Tiger and Iguana, an exotic mix of boldness and wildness.

The China-made Tiguan SUV will come with the 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI versions, not much different from the imported Tiguan editions. It is based on the fifth-generation Golf’s PQ35 platform. Its Chinese name and price are not decided yet, though at the 2008 Beijing auto show it was called “Tuhuan” (“journey happy”) and rumored to sell for 500,000 yuan (73,200).

source: Information Times

Owned-Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

shanghai auto show new models Owned Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

09′ Shanghai Auto Show will be held from April 22nd to April 28th, new domestically made cars set to show off:

  • Lifan 320 – Lifan’s most (in)famous model
  • Chery S16/QQ5 – As known as “Chinese beetles
  • FAW Toyota RAV4 – Once imported, now domestically made to go up against the Honda CRV, and the Qashqai
  • Dongfeng Citroen C5 (Fengshen)- The C5 is finally to be made in China, and possibly its Peugeot cousin.
  • BYD F5 – BYD’s new compact model
  • Shanghai VW NMS – (New Midsize Sedan) Another new sedan from Volkswagen.
  • BYD M6 - BYD’s first MPV.
  • Guangzhou Toyota Highlander – The large SUV is set to be produced in China, alongside the RAV4.
  • Guangzhou New Honda Odyssey – Will be the US version of the  Odyssey
  • Beijing Hyundai i30 – A new compact from Hyundai
  • MG6 – the hatchback brother of the Roewe 550, the most anticipated car of the show, the first MG to be launched in many years.

Spy photo: Volkswagen Golf 6th generation

golf 6 Spy photo: Volkswagen Golf 6th generation

The 6th generation Volkswagen Golf (Golf 6th) to launch on September, now Golf 6th is under Testing-Production on the FAW Volkswagen production line, the spy photo from our warmhearted reader approved that Golf 6th is now in formal production.

From the spy photo we can see that the China-made Golf 6th is very similiar with the foreign version both in shapes and details.

golf 6 1 Spy photo: Volkswagen Golf 6th generation

Besides, we got information from the FAW Volkswagen principal that Golf 6th autopilot will equip the 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox.

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