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Dongfeng Honda TIF:The most expected K-Car in 2010

tif Dongfeng Honda TIF:The  most expected K Car in 2010

Honda recently pronounced to produce a K-Car named “TIF”. As known as a “Smarter FIT “, the TIF will be launched at some burgeoning countries which includes China by 2010. The funny thing is that “TIF” is exactly the reverse of “FIT”.

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Detroit Auto Show 2009: BYD E6 electric MPV

byd e6 Detroit Auto Show 2009: BYD E6 electric MPV

This year, BYD moved to the main floor of the Detroit auto show and it did catch more attentions than before. Besides F3DM, E6 should be another bright point.

The E6 is an all-electric, five-passenger people mover that has a range of 250 miles, can be fully charged in about 10 hours by plugging into a standard household outlet, and takes only 10 minutes to charge to 50 percent capacity.

Dongfeng Warrior VS. American Hummer

7 Dongfeng Warrior VS. American Hummer
On the National Science and Technology Award Conference held in Beijing, Jan 09, Dongfeng off-road vehicle “Warrior” won the  First-class Progress Award.
No comparison no identification, for such a high rating, of course, was built on a relatively intuitive and compelling above the reference standard. Either than the best, what “Warrior” used to compare is the American Hummer. 12 key indicators such as fuel consumption, endurance capacity, carrying capacity, power, and environmental adaptability, safety, comfort, water-resistant sealing and maintenance, Warrior is exceed the U.S.  Hummer A2, while another 3 indicators are considerable. So, today, we can proud to say: Dongfeng Warrior overcome the American Hummer!

Sketch design shot: BYD MPV M6

byd mpv m6 Sketch design shot: BYD MPV M6

Disclosed a few days ago, BYD will enter the MPV market in 2009 , M6 has identified as its first flagship model and plans to launch in this year. By  the point of appearance, M6 seems to abandon the conservative and old-fashioned model of traditional MPVs, its dynamic front and streamlined body shapes are different from other models.

BYD F3DM highlight Detroit auto show

byd f3dm 1 BYD F3DM highlight Detroit auto show

As one of several Chinese automakers hoping to break into the U.S. market, BYD may use the F3DM (for Dual Mode) as part of its opening salvo. BYD and Brilliance will have main floor exhibit space at Cobo Center for the 2009 Detroit auto show. To exhibit cars on the main floor is the first time for Chinese automakers, and F3DM is the first Chinese-made plug-in hybrid electric car.

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M launch in China

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M 
To celebrate the 16th championship of the just concluded F1 season, Ferrari lauched the Scuderia Spider 16M in Mugello, Spain. Scuderia Spider 16M combine the high-performance and innovative technologies of 430 Scuderia and the romantic driving experience of F430 Spider perfectly, first arrived in China this January.

Chinese Beetles: Chery S16 to launch this year

At a overall glance, Chery S16 is very similar to the Volkswagen Beatles, especially the front-end design curve. The new headlamps and taillights adopted an integrated group Led lamp design, the rounded style looks very cute indeed. S16 is expected to launch in April, the Shanghai auto show, prices would be lower than the QQ3.
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