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Chery launched A5 1.5L Automatic today

512  572xfloat= chery a5 15l Chery launched A5 1.5L Automatic today

Today on the Shenzhen – Hong Kong – Macao International Auto Fair, Chery Auto launched its A5 1.5L Automatic, including Standard, Elite and Luxury edition, priced between 55, 800Yuan and 67, 800 Yuan(I US Dollar  = 6.8 Yuan).

Compare to the original model, the new A5 1.5L has no much changes on appearance and shape, the design is not very fashionable, but the new model is more practical and aesthetic.

Hafei Saibao Electric Vehicle heads to U.S.

510  572xfloat= hafei saibao coda Hafei Saibao Electric Vehicle heads to U.S.

Sources reported that Hafei Saibao is planning to send its cars to the United States. Hafei has developed an electric version of its Saibao sedan, a five-year-old compact model designed by Pininfarina and unveiled at the 2004 Beijing Auto Show. Rebadged as the Coda Sedan, the Saibao EV is slated to go on sale in California in late 2010.

[source: edmunds]

Geely Auto to launch Shanghai Englon TX4 in June

509  220x160 shanghai englon Geely Auto to launch Shanghai Englon TX4 in June

Geely Auto announced recently that they will launch Shanghai Englon TX4 in June. TX4 will be the first new model of Shanghai Englon.

TX4 is an updated version of the famed London Taxi which made by Shanghai Maple Auto, with pure British pedigree, Shanghai Englon conveys its brand characteristics of “classic, British style, nobility.”


[source: gasgoo]

Chery will launch QQme in this month

393  572xfloat= chery qqme 2 Chery will launch QQme in this month

Reports from Sina, Chery Auto is ready to launch its mini car QQme (S16) this month.

The QQme is a four-seat, two-door minicar, measuring 3,747mm x 1,597mm x 1,514mm with a 2,315mm wheelbase. It will be equipped with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, which generates peak power of 62kW. It also features many safety configurations such as the safety airbag, ABS+EBD, and reversing radar.

Chery Auto heads to Vietnam

508  572xfloat= chery qq3 Chery Auto heads to Vietnam

A couple days ago Chery Auto announced to enter the Vietnam auto market. The Chery QQ3 mini car has recently been launched in Hanoi, capital city of Vietnam, as the first Chery model to enter the Vietnamese market, signifying Chery Auto has successfully entered the 8th market of ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations).


Lifan Auto to launch SUV by the year end

506  572xfloat= lifan suv Lifan Auto to launch SUV by the year end

Following by the Lifan 320 mini car, Lifan Auto is now shooting at the hottest SUV market for its future plan. As far as we know, Lifan will launch its first SUV model by the end of the year, the new SUV is little bit similar with the RAV4. From the appearance we can judge the SUV is implementing the design methodology of Lifan 320.

Besides, this new SUV will priced around 100, 000RMB by estimated(1USD = 6.8RMB) and sold on the second/third line cities of China.

507  572xfloat= lifan suv2 Lifan Auto to launch SUV by the year end

Geely to buy Saab and Volvo?

133  572xfloat= geely b class Geely to buy Saab and Volvo?

Unnamed sources from Wall Street reported that Geely is bidding to buy Saab, a GM sub-company.

The report also reviled that Geely bidded  to acquire Ford’s Volvo a couple weeks ago.

However, Geely said that their don’t  plan to acquire Saab or Volvo. Very confused!

Top 10 Sedan sales, 2009 Q1

BYD F3: 52842
Buick Excelle: 47743
Elantra Yuedong: 46646
Jetta: 45965
Etlantra: 37656
XIall: 37227
Accord: 36221
Coralla: 35959
Chery QQ3: 33695
Camry: 31036

[source: CPCA]

Top 10 MPV sales, March 2009

JAC Refine: 4561
Buick GL8: 3071
Honda Odyssey: 2414
Dongfeng Fengxing: 2139
Volkswagen Touran: 1465
Chery R2: 1133
JAC Grace: 1112
Foton MP-X: 838
Chery Cross: 708
Haima Freema: 467


[source: CPCA]

Top 10 SUV sales, 2009 Q1

CRV: 23138
Hover: 14013
Zotye 5008: 9679
Tuscon: 9582
Santa Fe: 7654
Qashqal: 7118
Chery Tiigo: 6818
X-Trall: 5092
LieBao: 4493
Zotye 2008: 4421


[source: CPCA]

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