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Chang’an Yuexiang to launch on 18th, March

234  h=x 1changan yuexiang Changan Yuexiang to launch on 18th, March
Sources from Chang’an Automobile, Chang’an Automobile’s new small car – Yuexiang will be held in Chongqing Nanping conference listing. The first market for the 1.5L manual models, the estimated price is around 60, 000 – 80, 000 RMB (1USD = 6.8RMB), followed by Chang’an will launch the Yuexiang automatic version, with four-speed Aisin automatic transmission.

Yuexiang was based on the V101 which first show on the 2008 Beijing Auto Show,  in the shape up into a lot of Chang’an Automobile brand inherent characteristics.

Geely Panda: World’s smallest car?

198  550x350 geely panda 2 Geely Panda: Worlds smallest car?

On Beijing Auto Show in April 2008, Geely unveiled its mini car, the Panda (not to be confused with the Fiat Panda) , becoming the latest Chinese auto maker hoping to profit from the Chinese government’s policy to encourage Chinese consumers to buy smaller, more fuel efficient car. The 1.3 liter engine Geely Panda gets 48 miles per gallon. Geely is also coming out with an electric version of the Panda powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that travels up to 40 miles per hour.

Chery Storm 2 to launch in mid ’09?

chery storm 2 Chery Storm 2 to launch in mid 09?

Chery Storm 2 was exhibited in the Beijing Auto Show last year,  after a number of spy photos and rumors, now it’s come to mass production and very probably to launch in mid ’09.

Besides the Sedan version that we’ve seen in the Beijing Auto Show, Chery is also building the hatchback version of Storm 2. The expected Storm 2 would have more innovative changes in style and more fashion features, we believe that it’ll be more fits for young customers after mass production. Lets looking forward and pay attention to it!

source: auto.163

Great Wall CoolBear to launch in March

4 cool bear Great Wall CoolBear to launch in March

As early as 2006 Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall Automobile exhibited a cool concept cars named CoolBear. In the last two years of Shanghai and Beijing Auto Shows, we found CoolBear once again. Though they did not like the rumors, as listed in 2008. The reporters said that people can not found any saloon cars with the style like CoolBear, let alone a small car. With three years of breeding and carved, from the first appearance to production,CoolBear did brought big changes and new surprises to us from time to time. Industry analysts believe that: At present, CoolBear hasn’t direct competitors yet.

source: auto.163

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