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BYD will launch E6 in the second half of the year

514  572xfloat= byd e6 BYD will launch E6 in the second half of the year

During the auto show in Shenzhen, BYD’s new electric car E6 came out again, according to BYD’s presentation, this new model is a five-seat model and the chassis was developed by BYD itself. Nevertheless, E6 is a pioneer in environmental protection models which uses the pure power-driven method.

It’s also reported that E6 will be officially launched in the second half of this year, the pre-sale price would be around 200, 000 YUAN. E6 would be the second environmental protection model after BYD launched its hybrid model (DM) last year.


Photos: BYD E6 at Shanghai Auto Show

BYD M6 to show off at Shanghai Auto Show

The April’s Shanghai Auto Show is getting closer, BYD disclosed recently that they will surely debut M6, the expected China-made MPV. As BYD’s high-end MPV model, this auto show will be the first publish show of M6.

BYD will bring F Series, S Series, M Series, DM dual-mode electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, including F3, F0,  F6, F3R upgraded version and upcoming sports sedan S8, BYD’s high-end MPV  M6, dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, F6DM and pure electric car E6.

BYD electric car will head to U.S. by 2011, not change

76  249x249 byd BYD electric car will head to U.S. by 2011, not change

BYD still promises EVs will be sold in the U.S. by 2011. BYD has made bold statements before regarding when their vehicles would go on sale in the U.S., but this time they seem to stand behind their release stating that they will bring electric vehicles to the U.S. by 2011.

Recently, BYD announced plans to sell to PHEV similar to the Chevy Volt called the F6DM for under $22,000 and they also plan to sell a crossover utility vehicle here called the BYD e6 for around $30,000. The BYD e6 is capable of traveling up to 250 miles on a single charge. For a comparison, the Volt is only expected to travel 40 miles on all electric power.

Since BYD is the second largest rechargeable battery producer in the world they have a step up on most of the competition in terms of battery capability and production. BYD’s general manager Henry Z Li said, “Battery technology and motor control are the key to this vehicle (e6), we have quite a lot of experience and know how in this process.”

source: All Cars Electric

BYD’s 6 new models in ’09

BYD F8 convertible: China’s first self produced hard top convertible.byd f8 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F6DM: A hybrid model of the F6 sedan.byd f6dm BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD E6: A pure electric crossover.byd e6 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD M6: BYD’s first MPV.byd m6 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F5: New compact sedan.byd f5 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F4: New compact sedan.byd f4 BYDs 6 new models in 09


Detroit Auto Show 2009: BYD E6 electric MPV

byd e6 Detroit Auto Show 2009: BYD E6 electric MPV

This year, BYD moved to the main floor of the Detroit auto show and it did catch more attentions than before. Besides F3DM, E6 should be another bright point.

The E6 is an all-electric, five-passenger people mover that has a range of 250 miles, can be fully charged in about 10 hours by plugging into a standard household outlet, and takes only 10 minutes to charge to 50 percent capacity.

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