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Owned-Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

shanghai auto show new models Owned Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

09′ Shanghai Auto Show will be held from April 22nd to April 28th, new domestically made cars set to show off:

  • Lifan 320 – Lifan’s most (in)famous model
  • Chery S16/QQ5 – As known as “Chinese beetles
  • FAW Toyota RAV4 – Once imported, now domestically made to go up against the Honda CRV, and the Qashqai
  • Dongfeng Citroen C5 (Fengshen)- The C5 is finally to be made in China, and possibly its Peugeot cousin.
  • BYD F5 – BYD’s new compact model
  • Shanghai VW NMS – (New Midsize Sedan) Another new sedan from Volkswagen.
  • BYD M6 - BYD’s first MPV.
  • Guangzhou Toyota Highlander – The large SUV is set to be produced in China, alongside the RAV4.
  • Guangzhou New Honda Odyssey – Will be the US version of the  Odyssey
  • Beijing Hyundai i30 – A new compact from Hyundai
  • MG6 – the hatchback brother of the Roewe 550, the most anticipated car of the show, the first MG to be launched in many years.

BYD’s 6 new models in ’09

BYD F8 convertible: China’s first self produced hard top convertible.byd f8 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F6DM: A hybrid model of the F6 sedan.byd f6dm BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD E6: A pure electric crossover.byd e6 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD M6: BYD’s first MPV.byd m6 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F5: New compact sedan.byd f5 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F4: New compact sedan.byd f4 BYDs 6 new models in 09


2009 BYD F3R launched on Feb. 09

byd f3r 2009 BYD F3R launched on Feb. 09

Three versions:

09‘ F3R Autopilot 73, 800 RMB

09’ F3R Comfortable Manual  60, 800 RMB

09‘ F3R Practical Manual 59, 800 RMB

(1 USD = 6.8RMB)

By ’09 BYD plans to launch a number of new models like F4, F5, F8, S6, M6, targeting sales 60,000 units.

source: auto.163

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