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BYD to launch 5 new models in next half of the year

152  572xfloat= byd f8 BYD to launch 5 new models in next half of the year

Reported by NetEase Auto, BYD Auto will launch 5 new models in next half of this year,  these five new models are S8, G3, L3 and M6. The BYD S8 (former F8) is China’s first coupe-like sedan that uses hard-top convertible technology. At present, the “S8 Convertible” is on mass production and may go on sale by early July.

[source: NetEase Auto]

Photos: BYD M6 at Shanghai Auto Show

BYD to launch S8 convertible on July

300  572xfloat= byd s8 2 BYD to launch S8 convertible on July

Today, we got the news that BYD will launch its first convetbile(BYD S8) on July which debuted many times at auto shows. Meanwhile, BYD will launch M6 by the end of the year.

May be…what fans most concern now is the price of S8, as far as we know, it will priced around 200,000RMB(1USD=6.8RMB). For the sales of M6, BYD said 3000 units per month is their target, that’s possible.

BYD M6 at Shanghai Auto Show

334  150x105 byd m6 0 BYD M6 at Shanghai Auto Show

The M6 measures 4,808*1800*1756(L*W*H, MM) with 2950MM wheelbase. It’ll be powered by a Mitsubishi 2.4L 4-cylinder engine or a BYD’s own developed 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. Both engines meet the Euro IV emission standard. The MPV is set to go on sale this September.

[Source: sina/gasgoo]

BYD M6 to show off at Shanghai Auto Show

The April’s Shanghai Auto Show is getting closer, BYD disclosed recently that they will surely debut M6, the expected China-made MPV. As BYD’s high-end MPV model, this auto show will be the first publish show of M6.

BYD will bring F Series, S Series, M Series, DM dual-mode electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, including F3, F0,  F6, F3R upgraded version and upcoming sports sedan S8, BYD’s high-end MPV  M6, dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, F6DM and pure electric car E6.

Breaking: BYD M6 official photo & measures

243  572xfloat=center byd m6 official Breaking: BYD M6 official photo & measures

Recently, BYD published its first MPV, BYD M6′s official photos, it indecated that BYD M6′s launch time is not for long.

BYD M6 measures: Long / Width / Height : 4808 / 1800 / 1756 (mm)


09′ Shanghai auto show: Special, expected!

The Shanghai Auto Show is practically upon us, but whats worth seeing in these economically tight times? Will the manufacturers give us some interesting models to look at, or will they try to save their cash on models, or do away with eye candy altogether?
We’re not quite sure how far VW plan to push the Passat in China, they have approximately 500* over sedan models to push in the China market. The ‘new’ Passat will continue to use the 1.8T engine as used in countless other VAG sedans.

6th Generation VW Golf

139  h=x golf 6 09 Shanghai auto show: Special, expected!

The VW Golf will skip a few generations and launch in China with the 6th Gen. The Golf has been pushed from line to line in China and never actually quite found its footing in the market, it did find itself being sold as a Bora hatchback at one point. The 6th Generation Golf may find itself in a market where the consumers are now more open towards hatchback models, and should find itself ahead of the aging competition.

Quite possibly the most anticipated car of the show, and the car with the most secrecy about it. Possibly coming in both hatchback and sedan form in April to give the crowds a double whammy. SAIC are hardly known for their skills at keeping a car secret, but they’ve done extremely well at keeping the MG6 under wraps. Only one MG6 photo has made it to the net so far, but the naysayers say its a fake. Autoexpress ran with computer generated pictures of an MG6 hatchback, but until we see it in the flesh, the MG6 is still a mystery.

Skoda Superb
The Skoda brand was introduced into China rather late, but that has not stopped it or slowed it down any way shape or form. The Skoda brand has gone from strength to strength, and should continue with the soon to be launched Skoda Superb.

Dongfeng Feng Shen

137  h=x dongfeng aeolus 09 Shanghai auto show: Special, expected!
The Dongfeng Feng Shen is Dongfengs first proper attempt at making their own car, except it was designed by the same people who designed FAW’s Besturn, as you can see, the two could pass as twins.


25  h=x byd mpv m6 09 Shanghai auto show: Special, expected!
The BYD M6, like the MG6, is also shrouded in mystery. The M6 is expected to look a lot like the Toyota Previa (BYD has ‘taken’ many styling hints from Toyota over the past few years) but is not expected to go for Toyota Previa money, but rather a more practical 50,000rmb and rising. The M6 is also expected to come with an electric powertrain that will do over 400km on a single charge.

There are other cars being launched at the Shanghai Show, but the above are the ones that seem to be of real importance. The Besturn B50, and the domestically made Toyota RAV4 will be displaying their wares at the show. The Porsche Panarama is also expected to launch in Shanghai.

source: chinacartimes

Owned-Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

shanghai auto show new models Owned Brand models to highlight Shanghai auto show

09′ Shanghai Auto Show will be held from April 22nd to April 28th, new domestically made cars set to show off:

  • Lifan 320 – Lifan’s most (in)famous model
  • Chery S16/QQ5 – As known as “Chinese beetles
  • FAW Toyota RAV4 – Once imported, now domestically made to go up against the Honda CRV, and the Qashqai
  • Dongfeng Citroen C5 (Fengshen)- The C5 is finally to be made in China, and possibly its Peugeot cousin.
  • BYD F5 – BYD’s new compact model
  • Shanghai VW NMS – (New Midsize Sedan) Another new sedan from Volkswagen.
  • BYD M6 - BYD’s first MPV.
  • Guangzhou Toyota Highlander – The large SUV is set to be produced in China, alongside the RAV4.
  • Guangzhou New Honda Odyssey – Will be the US version of the  Odyssey
  • Beijing Hyundai i30 – A new compact from Hyundai
  • MG6 – the hatchback brother of the Roewe 550, the most anticipated car of the show, the first MG to be launched in many years.

BYD’s 6 new models in ’09

BYD F8 convertible: China’s first self produced hard top convertible.byd f8 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F6DM: A hybrid model of the F6 sedan.byd f6dm BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD E6: A pure electric crossover.byd e6 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD M6: BYD’s first MPV.byd m6 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F5: New compact sedan.byd f5 BYDs 6 new models in 09

BYD F4: New compact sedan.byd f4 BYDs 6 new models in 09


2009 BYD F3R launched on Feb. 09

byd f3r 2009 BYD F3R launched on Feb. 09

Three versions:

09‘ F3R Autopilot 73, 800 RMB

09’ F3R Comfortable Manual  60, 800 RMB

09‘ F3R Practical Manual 59, 800 RMB

(1 USD = 6.8RMB)

By ’09 BYD plans to launch a number of new models like F4, F5, F8, S6, M6, targeting sales 60,000 units.

source: auto.163

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