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BYD to launch S8 convertible on July

300  572xfloat= byd s8 2 BYD to launch S8 convertible on July

Today, we got the news that BYD will launch its first convetbile(BYD S8) on July which debuted many times at auto shows. Meanwhile, BYD will launch M6 by the end of the year.

May be…what fans most concern now is the price of S8, as far as we know, it will priced around 200,000RMB(1USD=6.8RMB). For the sales of M6, BYD said 3000 units per month is their target, that’s possible.

BYD M6 to show off at Shanghai Auto Show

The April’s Shanghai Auto Show is getting closer, BYD disclosed recently that they will surely debut M6, the expected China-made MPV. As BYD’s high-end MPV model, this auto show will be the first publish show of M6.

BYD will bring F Series, S Series, M Series, DM dual-mode electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles, including F3, F0,  F6, F3R upgraded version and upcoming sports sedan S8, BYD’s high-end MPV  M6, dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, F6DM and pure electric car E6.

Breaking: BYD M6 official photo & measures

243  572xfloat=center byd m6 official Breaking: BYD M6 official photo & measures

Recently, BYD published its first MPV, BYD M6′s official photos, it indecated that BYD M6′s launch time is not for long.

BYD M6 measures: Long / Width / Height : 4808 / 1800 / 1756 (mm)


Sketch design shot: BYD MPV M6

byd mpv m6 Sketch design shot: BYD MPV M6

Disclosed a few days ago, BYD will enter the MPV market in 2009 , M6 has identified as its first flagship model and plans to launch in this year. By  the point of appearance, M6 seems to abandon the conservative and old-fashioned model of traditional MPVs, its dynamic front and streamlined body shapes are different from other models.

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