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Photos: Chana Yuexiang at Shanghai Auto Show

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Chang’an Auto to debut E301 crossover at Shanghai Auto Show

304  572xfloat= changan e301 Changan Auto to debut E301 crossover at Shanghai Auto Show

Sources reported that Chang’an Auto will roll out several new products at the April Shanghai Auto Show, including the Chang’an E301, a design study for a compact crossover.

The other cars to be debuted includes Chang’an Benben, Zhixiang, Jiexun hybrid and Yuexiang, Ford Fiesta hatchback, Mondeo Zhisheng, Mazda2, Suzki Swift X9, etc

[source: gasgoo]

Chang’an Yuexiang to launch on 18th, March

234  h=x 1changan yuexiang Changan Yuexiang to launch on 18th, March
Sources from Chang’an Automobile, Chang’an Automobile’s new small car – Yuexiang will be held in Chongqing Nanping conference listing. The first market for the 1.5L manual models, the estimated price is around 60, 000 – 80, 000 RMB (1USD = 6.8RMB), followed by Chang’an will launch the Yuexiang automatic version, with four-speed Aisin automatic transmission.

Yuexiang was based on the V101 which first show on the 2008 Beijing Auto Show,  in the shape up into a lot of Chang’an Automobile brand inherent characteristics.

Chang’an Yuexiang to launch in Feb. 19

changan yuexiang Changan Yuexiang to launch in Feb. 19

Chang’an Yuexiang was designed by the famous European car designer: Dambrosio Luciano. The Chinese name “Yuexiang” stands for “Happy Flying”, which shows the meaning that “Yuexiang” drivers could drive the car very happy and fast.

source: auto.163

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