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Chery launched Riich M1 at Shanghai Auto Show

501  572xfloat= cheryl riich m1 Chery launched Riich M1 at Shanghai Auto Show

At April’s Shanghai Auto Show, Chery launched two new models, one is the “Intelligent Digital mini car” Riich M1, another is the A3 automatic which Chery fans have waited for a long time.

The “digital mini” Riich M1 will priced between40,280 and 50,980RMB (1USD = 6.8RMB), the A3 automatic includes standard and special version, priced between 90, 080RMB and 100, 280RMB.

Chery Sales in March 2009

251  h=x chery Chery Sales in March 2009

Chery Sales in March 2009


Chery Cross: 708
Chery R2: 1133
Chery Karry: 65
Chery A1: 1125
Chery A3: 5289
Chery A5: 4808
Chery QQ3: 12804
Chery QQ6: 3251
Chery Eastar: 74
Chery Qiyun: 4507
Chery Tiigo: 2669

[source: CPCA]

Chery sales status in February

167  h=x chery logo 5 Chery sales status in February

Chery sales February

Chery Cross: 786 units
Chery Riich 2: 781 units
Chery Karry: 58 units
Chery A1: 1034 units
Chery A3: 3098 units
Chery A5: 3889 units
Chery QQ3: 10076 units
Chery QQ6: 2579 units
Chery Eastar: 206 units
Chery Qiyun: 4099 units
Chery Tiggo: 2083 units

Source: CPCA

Fight against BYD? Chery to launch hybrid cars

167  h=x chery logo 5 Fight against BYD? Chery to launch hybrid cars

Not long after QQme’s launches, Chery plans to launch two more hybrid cars this year to tap into the growing hybrid car market.

Chery would launch A5 this year and A3 in 2010. Also a Tiggo-based hybrid SUV model and a QQ-based pure electric model are under development though no timeline was set for their launch, by reported.

All of the electric motors and hybrid systems on these future models are developed by supplier Ricardo, a world leading automotive consultance firm employing over 1,700 people all around the world.

This makes Chery the 2nd Chinese manufacturer to unveil an electric car after BYD, who unveiled its plug-in hybrid BYD F3DM in December 2008.

Chery A3 hatchback arrived at Shenzhen

Chery A3 Hatchback

Yesterday when PCauto editors  passed by Shenzhen, they happened to met the sample Chery A3 hatchbacks. A3 was designed by the world-famous auto design corp: Pininfarina. But unfortunately,  the company founder, Pininfarina was dead at a traffic accident last year.

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