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Riich X1: Chery’s micro SUV on production

502  572xfloat= chery micro suv x1 Riich X1: Cherys micro SUV on production

From the photo we can see that Riich X1 has been on production for a while, the whole details of shape and design is almost fixed. The Riich X1 will uses the bran new Riich logo and 1.3L engine, the 1.5L engine will be used in further models.


Chery launched Riich M1 at Shanghai Auto Show

501  572xfloat= cheryl riich m1 Chery launched Riich M1 at Shanghai Auto Show

At April’s Shanghai Auto Show, Chery launched two new models, one is the “Intelligent Digital mini car” Riich M1, another is the A3 automatic which Chery fans have waited for a long time.

The “digital mini” Riich M1 will priced between40,280 and 50,980RMB (1USD = 6.8RMB), the A3 automatic includes standard and special version, priced between 90, 080RMB and 100, 280RMB.

Chery Auto will debut Riich G5/G6 at Shanghai Auto Show

294  572xfloat= chery riich g5 2 Chery Auto will debut Riich G5/G6 at Shanghai Auto Show

Sources reported that Chery will debut Chery Riich G5 and G6 at April’s Shanghai Auto Show.

Chery Riich G5 is powered by a Chery’s 2.0-liter turbo engine that generates 168 horsepower and 173 pound-feet of torque and can be equipped with either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic gearbox.

Chery Riich G6 is equipped with a 192-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 or a turbocharged 168-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and G6 is expected to compete with the Audi A6L, the most popular business sedan in China.

[source: gasgoo]

Chery is entering the 4-brand times

250  572xfloat=center chery 4 brands Chery is entering the 4 brand times
As the flagship of all Chinese automakers, Chery have passed its 11th year, and Chery cars had become the first choice of many Chinese people. But to our regret, Chery do not have any high-end brands before. Status changes from March 19th, Chery’s high-end brand Riich come up to our eyes, the Chery high-end sedans and commercial cars will be produced using Riich brand, since then,  Chery is by no dulbt entering the 4 brand times: Chery, Riich, Rely and Karry brand.

chery Chery is entering the 4 brand times Riicj.jpg
rely Chery is entering the 4 brand times karry Chery is entering the 4 brand times

Chery’s high-end car Chery Riich on production

March 19, Chery Automobile solemnly published its high-end brand “Riich” and “Rely” and the high-end brand market development strategy, which marks Chery Automobile will officially enter the Chinese middle and high-end automotive market.
Meanwhile, Chery’s first high-end brand Chery Riich G6 sedan is also on production, and will be sold under Chery’s second sub-brand sales network.

Chery’s luxury brand: Chery Riich is ready

228  h=x chery riich Cherys luxury brand: Chery Riich is ready

Xinhua said yesterday that Chery is set to release its luxury car brand Riich (Ruiqi) on March 18, with six models to go on sale in the high-end auto market.

Chery Riich was said to have much in common with Bentley, like logo, especially featuring the renowned Bentley wing signature design for a dapper and refined look. This design is shared by other luxury brands as well, such as Chrysler and Aston Martin. In the middle of the Chery luxury-brand’s wing-like logo is a letter “R” (of Riich), just as the “B” of Bentley.

source: xinhua / gasgoo

Chery Riich: Chery’s luxury brand soon to be released

167  225x171 chery logo 5 Chery Riich: Cherys luxury brand soon to be released According to Chery’s blueprints, the Chery Riich brand will rival Audi and will also follow Audi’s model series to include sedan, hatchback, crossover and SUV models. The Riich car models to be launched this year may be priced between 100,000 yuan ($14,700) and 200,000 yuan. These luxury cars are expected to have Chinese officials as the target consumers.


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