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Chery will launch QQme in this month

393  572xfloat= chery qqme 2 Chery will launch QQme in this month

Reports from Sina, Chery Auto is ready to launch its mini car QQme (S16) this month.

The QQme is a four-seat, two-door minicar, measuring 3,747mm x 1,597mm x 1,514mm with a 2,315mm wheelbase. It will be equipped with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine, which generates peak power of 62kW. It also features many safety configurations such as the safety airbag, ABS+EBD, and reversing radar.

Chery QQme is ready!

202  h=x chery qqme is ready Chery QQme is ready!

Chery QQ won the No.1 sales championship in January, not for long, the new model Chery QQme (come with QQ6 and QQ3) is to release on April.

As a fashionable mini-car model designed for young customers, the Chery QQme will rival the VW Beetles and BMW Mini in the market. But in the design essence, styling aesthetics and youthful dynamics, Chery QQme is claimed to have no match yet in the small car segment. Chery Auto started as a manufacturer of QQ small cars and still keeps its leading R&D capability in this field.

The Chery QQme’s design is seen as a “cute overload” aimed at fashion-conscious young buyers, especially the female consumer demographic. The dashboard is supposed to imitate a smiling face.

source: auto.163

Chery QQme? Yes, Chery S16′s official name

chery qqme Chery QQme? Yes, Chery S16s official name

Pricing: Around  20, 000 RMB ($2, 940)

Recently, Chery Automobile Sales Company announced that Chery S16 was identified as “QQme”. This name, which sounds smart and fashionable, was from thousands of recommendations of Chery employees, QQ drivers and vendors.

QQme pronounced “QQ mi” (QQ fans) and can be interpreted as “my QQ”,  it represents the interaction between S16 and consumers.

Chery QQme was designed by Enrico Fumia, the chief designer of Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari F90.

Big news! 15 Chery new models in ’09

By 2009, Chery will launch 15 new models:

S Series: S16, S18, S18C, S18D

A Series: A13, A13A

B Series: B21, B12, B13, B23

P Series: P11

H Series: H11, H13
Chery S16s16 Big news! 15 Chery new models in 09
Chery S18s18 Big news! 15 Chery new models in 09
Chery S18Cs18c Big news! 15 Chery new models in 09
Chery S18Ds18d Big news! 15 Chery new models in 09

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Chinese Beetles: Chery S16 to launch this year

At a overall glance, Chery S16 is very similar to the Volkswagen Beatles, especially the front-end design curve. The new headlamps and taillights adopted an integrated group Led lamp design, the rounded style looks very cute indeed. S16 is expected to launch in April, the Shanghai auto show, prices would be lower than the QQ3.
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