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Spy shots: Chery Tiggo 6 on testing drive

200  h=x chery tiggo 6 Spy shots: Chery Tiggo 6 on testing drive

As a medium and large-size SUV, Chery Tiggo 6 was first showed on 07‘ April’s Shanghai auto show and being silent ever since. Until recently Tiggo 6 was found on testing, it indicated that Tiggo 6 was set to production.

The first sight, you will find it’s a real Chery Tiggo, but in details you will also find that Tiggo 6 has changed a lot, much different from the one on 07′ Shanghai auto show. Tiggo 6 was internal named “B22″, compared to the same platform B21 (A6 sedan) and B23 (A6CC coupe) have all been tested for many years, the Tiggo 6 test progress has lagged a lot.

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Volkswagen to launch Tiguan SUV by ’09

195  h=x tiguan suv Volkswagen to launch Tiguan SUV by 09

Volkswagen is set to launch the Tiguan SUV model as one of its flagship models this year, and Tiguan is expected to go on sale in late 2009.

AS Volkswagen’s first compact crossover SUV in the real sense, the Tiguan model was introduced to Shanghai VW, one of the German auto giant’s Chinese ventures, for local production in China. But its launch was delayed last year due to low sales prediction. The Tiguan SUV is now eagerly anticipated by Chinese buyers and will hit the China market as the first VW SUV here.

The production Tiguan was released at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and made its China debut at the 2008 Beijing auto show. It is the German carmaker’s second compact SUV after Touareg to blend the crossover pleasures in the city and country driving. Its name is a hybrid from Tiger and Iguana, an exotic mix of boldness and wildness.

The China-made Tiguan SUV will come with the 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI versions, not much different from the imported Tiguan editions. It is based on the fifth-generation Golf’s PQ35 platform. Its Chinese name and price are not decided yet, though at the 2008 Beijing auto show it was called “Tuhuan” (“journey happy”) and rumored to sell for 500,000 yuan (73,200).

source: Information Times

Chery Tiggo: The high cost performance SUV

chery tiggo 3 Chery Tiggo: The high cost performance SUV
Recently we learned from some Chery 4S stores in Beijing that Chery Tiggo now offering a big current cash discount(about $880) and additional decorations.
In the low-end SUV market, Chery Tiggo is an outright winner, in the pricing range of 90, 000 – 120, 000 rmb(13, 200 – 17, 650 USD), Tiggo doesn’t have  a considerable competitor, so, in the SUV market, Tiggo occupied a large market share. But due to the discharge standard, 2.0L models will be temporarily absent from Beijing markets.
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